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Strategic Communication - PR - Crisis Management

Strategic Communication is how to effectively brand and get a message out.  With Andy Bloom Strategic Communication is not an accident. It's a process that begins with data analysis and results in flawless execution. Earned media and paid media must compliment one another.  Sometimes life happens, however, and the best laid plans go wrong. Andy Bloom is a calm voice during the storm in a crisis.  He has managed crises at radio stations worldwide as well as in Congress.

"Mr. Bloom Goes to Washington"

Andy Bloom giving a speech

After years of creating marketing, communications, PR and crisis plans for media brands across the world, Andy took his expertise to Washington, D.C.   He became Communications Director for Congressman Michael R. Turner (R-OH).  Andy built a strategic communications plan for the freshman Congressman and built a network of local and national media contacts.  Andy spearheaded a multifaceted content marketing program that consisted of press releases, weekly columns, television appearances, and speeches resulting in "a steady drumbeat of earned media," sharing Congressman Turner's accomplishments with constituents at home and nationwide,
Using communication skills honed in Washington, Andy Bloom continues to provide political analysis. Andy Bloom writes political commentary on current issues for NewsMax.

Writing Samples

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Earned Media

With the help of media relationships Andy developed, Congressman Turner received massive earned media at home and nationally. One example from October 2007 was when the Architect of the Capitol began censoring the certificates of authenticity that comes along with flags constituents can order from their Member of Congress. This started with a teenager from Congressman Turner's district ordering a flag and certificate to celebrate his grandfather's birthday. The story received a huge quantity of media coverage over a two-week period.

A five minute composite of the television coverage can be found here.
The entire video of the news coverage runs over an hour.

          A handful of (edited) newspaper stories can be found here.           
The story ran in hundreds of papers, many multiple times.

Media Relations

Andy cultivated media relations year round.  When Congressman Turner spoke with newspaper editorial boards before each election, it was not the first time they had seen him in two years.  Every local media outlet endorsed Congressman Turner when he ran for reelection in 2004 and 2006.

Composite of newspaper editorial endorsements.

Paid Media

Andy had produced many television spots, designed billboards and print ads as part of his work with radio stations. Working with Congressman Turner he co-produced television spots and co-authored/designed direct mail pieces.

Television Spot 2006

Television Spot 2004


A Measure of Success

Representative Turner was able to achieve two overwhelmingly successful reelection campaigns with the help of Andy Bloom. Congressman Turner was re-elected with 62% in 2004, and 59% in 2006.

Event Management

Andy Bloom has managed and produced every type of event imaginable and some that are perhaps unimaginable. The biggest was a Free Smashing Pumpkins concert in Downtown Minneapolis that drew over 125,000 people.

Andy Bloom at The Smashing Pumpkins concert, Minneapolis, MN Rock 100.3 flyer for The Smashing Pumpkins, July 17, 1998


The event was recently fondly remembered in City Pages.

Additional Coverage #1 Additional Coverage #2

Crisis Management

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. From time to time unexpected events threaten to harm an organization, sometimes a company's existence depends on how management responds to a crisis. Events can negatively impact organizations stakeholders including shareholders, employees, partners and others, as well as the general public.

Andy Bloom is an experienced crisis manager.

Introducing the early Howard Stern simulcasts created instant crises. Andy was quoted in national media as saying, "Introducing Howard Stern in a marketplace is like dropping a nuclear bomb on the radio market." Andy managed the protests, boycott threats and spoke with all angry listeners when Stern launched in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Bloom went on to consult many stations on how to properly launch Stern.

Here's One Endorsement 

Andy was in Buenos Aires as VP / GM of Mega 98.3 / Radio 10 when the Argentine economy "imploded." The government devalued the Peso and abrogated property rights for individual citizens who viewed over $17 billion of their money / property had been stolen and took to the streets to riot in civil unrest unseen in the U.S. Several media outlets were targets of protesters. Over approximately two-weeks, five men held the position of president. Andy's leadership kept Mega 98.3 and Radio 10 on course: profitable, without massive layoffs and the facility as well as its people unharmed.

info about Argentina crisis

Andy's experience as Communications Director for a U.S. Congressman required continuous crisis planning. Andy worked with the Congressman to have contingency plans for every conceivable situation and the imagination to prepare for some that seem inconceivable. Working for a Member of Congress, both in the official office and on the campaign trail honed Andy's Crisis Management skills.