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Senior Global Media, Marketing, Communications, and Research Executive

Congressman Michael Turner and Andy BloomCongressman Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio) and Andy Bloom

A Unique Blend of Creative and Analytical Skills.

Andy Bloom has experience in a variety of fields. He has a history of successfully taking on new challenges across a wide spectrum. From acclaimed radio programmer to international work on four continents and political operative. He understands global media, marketing, communications, and research. Andy is an award winning radio program director and consultant credited with increasing ratings and revenue. He is known for innovative solutions to vexing problems, including the first Howard Stern simulcasts. He is widely regarded as a leading talent coach.

Andy Bloom is a skilled Communications/PR and Marketing professional. With Capitol Hill experience he is a leading political communicator and strategist. He is an experienced Crisis Manager Andy's background is in research. He uses data to help create innovative solutions.

Bloom is also a media and communications consultant.  He is a writer and photographer who's work has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, and he has received a bevy of awards, recommendations, and publicity throughout his career.

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A fast changing media environment requires creative innovation. Andy Bloom understands this and is a solution driven problem solver for multi-media platforms. As a talent coach he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Getting a message out doesn't just happen. Developing a strategic plan and communicating it to the media properly is the difference between failure and success. Life doesn't always go as planned. Crisis Management is a special skill of Andy Bloom's.


Strategic Planning begins with data. We live in the era of "Big Data." Proper analysis of available data provides some answers. Marketing Research reveals what the customer wants and is the road-map to create a custom solution.

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Proven Multi-Dimensional Skills
A Record of Accomplishment

About Andy

Andy Bloom has an established track record as one of the most successful radio programmers in the world. Andy has programmed stations in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other markets. He has won numerous awards. He is perhaps most known for pioneering the first Howard Stern Simulcast.

Outside of our great nation, Andy has done an array of international radio work. He worked in Buenos Aries, Argentina; Budapest, Hungary; and in several locations in the Middle East.

Andy Bloom has been Vice President of Programming for major broadcast companies. Advising dozens of stations across the US and Canada while working for leading media consulting companies, as well as through his own company, Andy Bloom Communications. He has advised CEOs and Presidents of leading broadcast companies as well as Members of Congress.

Politics has always been Andy's second love. He spent five years in Washington, working as a communications direction for an Ohio congressman. He has remained active in political inner circles ever since.

Andy Bloom has a unique blend of creative and analytical skills. With a background in research, his solutions start with data. As Executive Vice President of a major media research company, he designed, conducted, analyzed, wrote and presented hundreds of research projects for media outlets around the world. In addition, Bloom has conducted research on a wide range of consumer products, as well as political polling.

Andy Bloom

Andy's storied career is far from over, as he is currently seeking new opportunities.
Bloom is available for:

  • Content creation in new media, radio, television, and all other media.
  • Talent coaching and development.
  • Communications/PR/crisis management
  • Marketing research.

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